Jordana’s intuitive work is a remarkable blend of conventional massage and cutting edge vibrational bodywork. She has, through years of study and practice, cultivated a careful discipline of engaging the subtle body in the process of therapeutic touch. The massage sessions are infused with energy work that permeates the physical layers and weave into the spiritual and emotional fabric of her clients. Jordana’s use of herbal-infused massage oils in conjunction with her well seasoned technique make for a healing encounter. The session is a rare opportunity to be nurtured by an artist in a medium that stylistically is uniquely her own.

Jordana’s life-long passion for massage became an official practice in1992. With advance training in energy work along with her certification in massage therapy, she has continued to explore, cultivate, and pioneer Intuitive Bodywork. Jordana has been working as a massage therapist in Lawrence, Kansas since 1993.

Jordana’s cozy office is located in the heart of downtown Lawrence, Kansas lower level of the Eldridge Hotel. Contact Jordana today to schedule your massage. Gift certifcates are available.