Our Massage Therapists

Jordana Arnold, CMT

Jordana's passion for massage became a practice in 1992. Her intuitive bodywork is a blend of conventional massage and vibrational energy work. Her massage sessions are infused with energy work that permeates the physical layers and weaves into the spiritual and emotional fabric of her clients. The use of infused oils with her well seasoned technique, make for a healing encounter. A session with Jordana is a rare opportunity to be nurtured by an artist in a medium that is uniquely her own.

Jordana has maintained a Lawrence, Kansas practice since 1993. She keeps chickens, bees, and a couple of herd dogs at her east Lawrence home. When she is not practicing massage she can be found hiking with scouts or up to her elbows in a renovation project.

Alison Dishinger, LMT,CYT, Reiki II

Alison aspires to be the neighbor who knows a little bit about everything and can always be counted on for help. She volunteers numerous hours a year in our community, working in local gardens and with organizations that focus on food equity and access. When she’s not gardening, napping, or in a meeting, she’s reading six different books or working on one of many old, manual typewriters she’s collected.

Alison has been practicing massage therapy for close to three decades with the goal of helping clients create a friendly relationship with themselves and their physical existence.

Alison’s bodywork education has led her her from certification in deep techniques, like Zen Bodytherapy/Structural Integration in 1992 to light ones, such as the Finesse Massage Technique in 2013.

Some further highlights of her training include:

Alison is honored to provide caring touch to chronic pain sufferers, cancer patients and survivors, and other populations that require an experienced, informed, and deeply compassionate touch.

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This season of change finds Kaw Valley Massage wishing all the best to officemates Jessica Phoenix and Cara Schuster as they move to new locations to develop their businesses and business identities.